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We specialize in rapid MVP development for Startups
consulting, design, development, identity and training services.

Monsterbox's Tech Stack

Languages, Libraries/Frameworks, and Databases
Sass 1.0
Susy 2
Cloud Services
Amazon S3

Our Services

Build web-app from scratch

We can build out full web-apps that go live within the month.

Maintenance package for existing web-apps

If we built it or someone else did, we can take care of your web-app by offering you guaranteed hours per month to ensure it stays running.

Responsive Design

We can modernize your web-app to work across all devices. We've tackled all the fancy new techinques: vertical rhythm, grid layouts, media queries, font icons, css frameworks. It doesn't scare us at all.

Database Integrity

Your data is more important than your web-app. You can't make informed descision without accurate and consistent data. We can make sure that your web-app would mangle your data so its duplicate free, dead data doesn't hang out and your data is accurately entered.

Previous Work


We built our own internal project management tool. Its like Trello+Hipchat+Asana+Jira+Duckboard. It has real time chat, complex todo list, full text search, kanban boards, workflow management, custom forms and reporting! If you submit to our contact form it goes right into 3poch. Built on Rails4, AngularJS, Postgres and Unicorn. Its truly our masterpiece.

Billing and Payments

The hourly rates listed below are guidelines to help you know what to expect and are dependent on the project and length of working relationship. Please contact us for a more accurate quote for your specific project.

Fixed price for projects based on time estimates going at our hourly rate.

We're (probably) not interested in equity.

Hourly discounts are offered on larger projects. (50k+)

25% Down-payment with first-time clients.

We invoice bi-weekly.

Invoices are to be paid 3-5 days when recieved.

We accept check or bank transfer.

Payment Scheduling

UPON RECEIPT under 3 weeks or under 6K
NET 15 under 3 months per SOW or under 10K
NET 30 3 month maintenance contract, or businesses relationship longer than 6 months
NET 60 6+ months for maintenance contracts

Service Levels

Critical $160 CAD
Emergency work that must be done immediately. For example, your server is down or critical security issues. This is work that will be completed immediately with frequent bi-hourly updates.
High $120 CAD
For high business value or time limited opportunities and hard-deadlines. This work will be prioritized within the next available time slot we have (1-2 weeks start time)
Normal $80 CAD
For work that is recurring but future work not guaranteed with a hard-deadline of at least 1 month away.
Maintenance $60 CAD
For guaranteed monthly hours eg. (100 per month) for a term of 3-6 months

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Cost for estimates/consultations?
No. We provide same day estimates.
2. HST?
If you're Canadian we charge HST.
3. Would you sign a NDA and Non-compete clause?
NDA yes. Non-compete no.
2. Can you work with our already existing deveoper(s)/designer(s).
4. Do you need a designer to cut up photoshop file(s)?
Nope. We can do it. We're equiped to do graphics.
5. Can you do responsive design?
6. Can you use our PM tools? eg. Trello/Hipchat/Jira/Asana etc..
Maybe. We have our own workflow.
7. Your write test code?
Yep. We don't test everything. Just the most important features.
8. You use CI?
Yep. We like CircleCI
9. Can you code in payment gateway eg. Stripe, Paypal?
10. Anygood with Javascript Frameworks?
Yep. We like to use AngularJS. But we've worked with all all of them at one point or another.
11. Do you cover bugs after project completion?
5 days after. Before the last bill date we go through the entire web-app with you so there should be no bugs.
12. How often do we get updates during the project?
Everyday. By email. We're avaliable everyday of the project. We only do one project at a time, so there's no juggling, and were never MIA.


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